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Clark Moore Co-Founder, Curator

Clark Moore is a Southern Gentleman and a Performer since birth. He performed on season 3 of The Sing Off, Fox’s musical comedy, Glee and has appeared in numerous commercials and indie films. He is currently producing a film that he wrote.

“My grandmother, Odessa, taught me the importance of hospitality from a very young age. She told me stories of the lavish dinner parties she would host at her home in St. Louis Missouri and by watching her I learned how to craft a thoughtful experience with attention to details.  In the south we have a saying, ‘strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet,’  so I look forward to meeting you at the next PINE gathering.”





Molly Hallam Co-Founder, Curator

Molly is a Dartmouth grad and film producer hailing from Jacksonville, FL. She has extensive experience in the service industry and has worked for renowned restauranteurs all over Los Angeles. 

"As a Southerner and a Francophile, I've always felt the crux of Community is conversation- preferably over a long meal. For me community is a safe haven where people can come together to have both the difficult conversations that lead to societal change and personal growthas well as the intimate conversations that create life-long friendships."


Sarah Simms Hendrix Chef-in-Residence

Sarah Simms Hendrix is a chef, sommelier and dinner party enthusiast. She is the founder of La Femme Epicure, a company that focuses on intimate dining experiences, culinary branding, menu design, and food styling.  When she’s not in the kitchen, the Los Angeles native can be found gardening with her husband, listening to vinyl records and drinking rosé.  

 "There is a connectedness in Community that brings overwhelming strength to people when they need it the most. Community creates togetherness, support for shared values and truly comforts the soul.  My favorite way to create community is by way of food and sharing a meal together with a good bottle or wine or two."


Rebecca Simms Designer-in-Residence