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PINE is more than a members club, it's a collective of ambitious individuals who understand the importance of community in a fragmented city.

Inspired by the Salons of Revolutionary France and the private Dinners hosted by Thomas Jefferson in Post-Revolutionary America that shaped our country, PINE aims to bring together creatives across industries for intellectual discussion and thoughtful connection to both each other and to Los Angeles.

The salon is comprised of a series of gatherings curated by hosts Clark Moore and Molly Hallam  with the express purpose of community building. Through partnerships with wineries, local distilleries and breweries and many phenomenal chefs, our members get the opportunity to be introduced to new restaurants around the city.


We believe that the most lively discussion that can spark significant change - both internal and external - is best facilitated by bringing people together around a table to eat great food and debate serious issues. Our dinner discussions center around a theme with guest speakers which could include small business owners, professors or anyone who can speak knowledgeably about the topic. This intellectual engagement and continued education component is paramount to PINE’s “work hard play hard” mentality.



So many of us are transplants to Los Angeles and as a result live a transient existence that is often disconnected from the city itself. In an attempt to connect our members to the goings-on of the city we host community service projects and provide philanthropic opportunities to give back to our vibrant community. PINE curates a list of vetted NGO’s in the city to ensure that the time we give is significant to the organizations with which we partner. We also provide the opportunity for members to connect with these organizations for continued service outside of official PINE service projects.